Fresh ideas for a new era of advertising.
Let's welcome Christian Van Thillo, Anthony Belpaire, Tom Palmaerts, Mark Woerde and other visionaries.

The world according to

Anthony Belpaire presents Google’s vision on the world. No need to say more.

The state of Belgian media
according to


Van Thillo

+ Q&A with SBS and Newsmonkey

Christian Van Thillo, CEO of the Persgroep, presents the state of Belgian media and makes a prediction about its future.

Afterwards, join an in-depth Q&A session with Sigrid Van Den Houte (SBS Belgium) and Patrick Van Waeyenberge (Newsmonkey) about the relationship between the media and advertising.

Winners at Cannes 2014
by Creative Criminals

Robots by Jan De Coster

Design By Musketon

Drones By Kopterman

Ibeacons by Nexen

3D printers | Arduino Projects

Creative Criminals on who will win big time at Cannes 2014

Make your first robot friend with Jan De Coster

Conquer the world with Musketon

Be amazed by the drones of Kopterman

Download 'BeaconApp' and enjoy iBeacons by Nexen

3D printers, Arduino projects and many, many more…

Tom Palmaerts

Trendwatcher of the year 2013

Tom Palmaerts, internationally acclaimed trendwatcher and partner at Trendwolves has what it takes to set the scene for a day filled with inspiration.

Jens Mortier | CEO Mortierbrigade

Stef Selfslagh | EX CD Boondoggle

Alain Manders | CEO Demonstrate

Tim Smits | Prof Reclameleer KUL

Wim Van Hees | Founder VVLBBDO

Bart De Waele | CEO WIJS

Wim Van Hees, founder of VVLBBDO puts 50 years of advertising experience in an inspiring 20-minute speech.

Professor Tim Smits (KUL) proves what works, and what doesn’t.

Valentijn Destoop and Bart De Waele tell you why they see a great future for their start-up ‘Wonderland’.

Jens Mortier, Bart De Waele, Alain Manders, Stef Selfslagh and the new kid on the block ‘Michael is dead’ discuss the future of advertising.

Founder of Lemz

First time in Belgium!


How advertising will heal the world

Mark Woerde, author of ‘How advertising will heal the world’ and the man behind the internationally honored case ‘Sweetie’ explains how advertising can contribute to a better future.


Lamot opens its doors at 8:30 am sharp. Be fresh.


Ontvangst door Zwart op Wit



Wim Van Hees heet u welkom



Tom Palmaerts onthult de toekomst!

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